Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To OZ - the Oregon Zoo

Sunday afternoon we went to the zoo with Steve's best friend and his kids (and a whole gaggle of other people) to celebrate Riley's 5th birthday. We quickly lost the group (they wanted to see the dangerous animals first and Jordan was headed towards what were, apparently, not dangerous animals - bears, cats, you know). Here are a zillion pictures from our fun day!! (I love the zoo, can you tell?) We were freezing at first but it quickly warmed up and I needed my sunglasses most of the day. It turned out to be really beautiful.

Little black bear
This guy was just running all over and then stopped as if to say, "Oh yeah, look at me, sitting all pretty."

Oh, such a sleepy day in the sun...

These monkeys are called Colobus Monkeys and they totally look like long-haired skunks!

I love how they zip around and then suddenly just stop.

This guy's tail was so long it didn't even fit in the picture!

This is a meercat and Steve goes, "Yeah, like, oh what are their names... Timba and Simone?" I said, "No honey, it's Pumbaa and Timon and Simba." "Yeah, whatever, those guys!" He was so intent on watching everybody. The animals were so active!

Look, a 2-headed zebra!
Okay, a friend once told me that hippos aren't really grey, they're actually pink and purple. And you know what? It's true!
And I learned that rhinos' horns are made of the same stuff our fingernails are. Thanks to those Zoo Keys and the little boxes that talk to you. =)

This little guy looked so snuggly! He was takin' himself a little bath and then...

He curled up for a nap. If you listen close in the video you can hear a little boy trying to pronounce ocelot. =)

Orangutan's fascinate me! This one was sitting like this, just staring at the people who were staring at her.
I love that you can see the little kid's reflection in this picture. Yeah, the monkey was picking her teeth.
Mr. Giant Monkey! He was MASSIVE.

Does it not look like they're arm wrestling?? I love it.

The highly exciting polar bears...

It's our tradition to spend 51 cents on a smashed penny whenever one of these machines is available. Don't you just love that little penguin backpack? It goes everywhere with him.

And my favorite picture of the day. A family offered to take our picture if we would take theirs.

I can't wait to go back on a less crowded day and look harder for the 3 letterboxes planted there. It was too busy for me to really look for them but they sound pretty cool.


Stacy Kate said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. And Sunday afternoon turned out to be a great day (weather-wise) to go to the zoo. I should of had you stop by after you were done...My exit off the freeway is about 5 miles from the zoo exit. I'm a doad! Anyway - totally not related to this blog post, but I was bored and decided if I could guess what pictures you would choose if you played the photobucket game and I typed in your name and a picture of YOU came up! But that's probably because you have an account and your name/spelling is not very common...anywho...I thought it was pretty funny. :) I just noticed I type really long sentences. K, bye!

Carrie said...

This had to be Joshua's favorite blog post. ;)