Sunday, May 11, 2008

From apartment hunting to apartment finding!

When I posted my Thursday Thirteen this week I included "move into an apartment" as one of my summer goals. Just a few hours later I got a call from someone offering me an apartment!

Kind of a funny story behind the whole thing. Since living with my parents I've driven the same road to work every day. After driving it for two or three weeks I realize that there's an apartment complex that I drive right past that is very hidden and I had never realized it was there. I thought, "Huh, I never knew that was there! It looks like a decent place, I should find out if they have any openings." About two days later one of my coworkers came back from her break and handed me the classifieds with several places circled. I called about one in my price range and set up a time to look at it. I tried to drive by it that evening so I would know where I was going when I went to look and the directions I got online were wrong. I went back and looked it up again and then realized, SAME PLACE!

Mom and I went and looked at it last Friday and I asked for an application. The woman happily gave me one but let me know that they had had quite a lot of applicants (evident by the pile of applications on her kitchen table). Still, they operate on 30-day notices so they were happy to take my application and said they would let me know if anything else opened up. Six days later my phone rang and it was the woman! "Hello, this is Rachel of hidden-little-apartment-complex. We had a lot of applicants for the apartment but all of them have declined the offer so we have the opportunity to offer it to you, which is good because I liked you!"

Well, it's nice to have managers who like you. =)

The place is nothing fancy. The unit I looked at (which is not the unit I will be living in) needed new countertops and was badly in need of a paint job (which I did let them know that I would like, since I plan on being there long term). My dad has a friend who lived there about 5 years ago and he described it using the word "adequate" but hey, that's what I'm looking for! The bedroom closet was huge which is a major bonus for me because I have WAY too much crap. Although I started thinking about it this week and I can't remember if there is also a hall closet. If not then that sure takes away from the glamour of the huge bedroom closet. lol

Today I'm gonna try to go by and actually see MY unit (assuming they're moved out of it) and meet the neighbors. I want to ask them some questions about noise levels and electricity bills and such. Then I need to find out the address and start getting that changed. Next on my list is buying exciting things like a microwave and a vacuum cleaner and a toaster! Things that my roommates always had and I never needed.

Moving day is May 24th! Conveniently, Josh is in town that day and said he would love to help me move (crazy guy). I envision it going really fast and smooth since everything is already boxed up and is just sitting in a big room.

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again! Really I'm excited about almost every aspect of it. =)


Carrie said...

Congratulations! =D

Diaria said...


How big is it? The same size as the one we had, or bigger (it had better not be smaller, that would just be scary to think they could cram you in a closet smaller then the one we were in). Rock on!!! At least one of us is getting out of our parents' place!!!