Monday, May 19, 2008

It's official!

I signed the papers, paid the money and got handed the keys today. Technically my move-in date is Saturday so I can't use the keys until then but still!!!

I did find out that the people in the unit right next to me smoke which really sucks. I'm also on the side closest to the busy street but they said they don't really hear the traffic.

They're supposed to paint it this week (I'm not counting on that and the bathroom is pretty bad). I also have a little porch area which is pretty cool. Hopefully I can at lease get some plants, if not a bench or something for out there. The neighbors had people over so I didn't introduce myself but I'm probably gonna go over on Friday and "save" a parking spot for the moving truck so I might knock on their door then. The smoking is an issue for me but like I told my mom, it's the biggest con and there don't seem to be many others so I'm not gonna turn the place down because of it.

I went shopping yesterday and got a bunch of kitchen stuff and everything for my bathroom. Tomorrow I'm making a trip to Walmart for a microwave, vacuum, toaster and MAYBE a George Foreman (except somebody said Fred Meyer is having a big sale on those right now which was probably part of the sale that ended Sunday but I need to check it out).

And Tessa's for sure coming this weekend! And Owen! And Josh will be in town! AND I had totally forgotten that it's a holiday weekend and I don't have to work on Monday!

And the best part? It's not even 9 and I'm crawling into bed. =)

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