Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The ankle bone's connected to the... jaw bone?

Yesterday afternoon I started getting some weird joint pain in several places on my body. My ankles started aching and my fingers and neck... I finished my day and came home and took a short nap and rested. Harvest and I had plans to go to Walmart to buy a vacuum and microwave and other apartment things and I was feeling up to that, so we went. About halfway through our shopping trip (which ended up being the end) I had to sit down in the middle of the store because I was aching SO bad. In the checkout line I got a massive wave of nausea and heat and felt like I was either going to throw up or pass out. I made it to a cool metal bench and was able to lie down for a few minutes and felt a little better. Harvest drove my car back to her house and I was able to drive home from there but when I got in the door I basically collapsed into the nearest chair and just sat there. My mom suggested I go get my pajamas on (which took a very long time - climbing the stairs, changing, climbing back downstairs...) and then fed me popsicles and a zinc lozenge for my sore throat. I took a hot bath, some Ibuprofen and crawled into bed.

This morning I made a doctor's appointment and my sweet sister drove me there. The doctor suggested that I might have Parvo, also known as Fifth Disease. It's in the chicken pox family and you can only get it one time. I *think* I may have had it about 5 years ago, but we weren't sure that's what it was. So they drew blood and are running tests. If I did have it years ago, I will come up immune. If not, that may be what I have. It's highly contagious and it sucks. All of my joints ache, right down to my toes. The only good part is that the doctor wrote me a note for work so I basically got a 6 day weekend. Which actually isn't that great because not only will it use up my PTO, I'm sort of stuck not really doing anything.

The OTHER thing that it might possibly be is Epstein-Barr, however, that wasn't something the doctor suggested, just a friend of mine (who knows more than an average person should about health stuff). I called the doctor's office back and left a message asking if they could add that to the labs they're running, since I DID have a pretty serious case of Mono two years ago.

The labs take quite awhile so I probably won't hear back for several days. In the meantime, lots of Ibuprofen and hot baths. And movies. I'm just hoping I'm ok to move on Saturday. I have lots of strong guys coming to help, but I seriously don't want to peter out after the first hour. And then there's all the UNpacking I have to do. So please pray for me! It's gonna be a busy weekend and I have cousins coming to town who I REALLY want to have fun with.

One last side note: After Saturday I'll be sans internet until that gets hooked up, and I have no idea how long that will be. I need to call them tomorrow and get an appointment set up.

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