Friday, May 23, 2008

A little honesty

First, people frustrate me. I don't like liars or drama queens. I'll leave it at that.

Second, I'm moving TOMORROW! And it's going to be really, really hard to not have internet. I meant to call today and get an appointment set up to get it all hooked up and I took a nap instead. A much needed nap, but now I wish I'd called the internet people. =) I'm hoping if I call them Tuesday morning it won't take them too long to come out.

Third, I am terrified of living alone. This afternoon I was the only one here in my parents house and I think it's the first time in about 8 weeks that I've been in a house by myself. I used to like it when Diana would leave for the weekend and I would get the apartment to myself but I was always glad when she came home because it got a little lonely (and really quiet...). This weekend I'll have Tessa there with me but next week is going to be a huge adjustment period for me.

Fourth, grocery shopping tomorrow is going to be weird. I have to buy some serious staples like butter and bread and eggs and cheese and milk and cereal and on and on and on.

Fifth, I'm excited to unpack into my OWN space and be able to organize everything according to MY preferences. I've been buying space-savers this week. Cubbies for the (only) closet, a tower thing for over the toilet, etc. And I don't understand why apartments these days don't have living room light fixtures, only outlets that are hooked up to the light switch. So I also had to buy another standing lamp because the one I had just wasn't gonna do it for lighting.

I need to TRY to sleep since we're starting at 8am tomorrow. Last night I couldn't sleep worth beans.


Stacy Kate said...

:) Good luck moving today! Love you.

Diaria said...

whaddya mean, you liked it when I left for the weekend? ~huff huff and other grumpy-like noises~ Everybody loves my company!!! Want proof? My brother comes over every other weekend just to hang out with me!! So there!! Oh, crap, wait, NOOOOOOO!!!! Can I move in with you?!?!?! SAVE ME!!!!

teehee, I hope moving worked out well for you, and I hope you are feeling better. Have fun in your new apartment!!! Realize that I am EXTREMELY jealous of you!!!!