Sunday, May 25, 2008


I got all moved! I don't have pictures yet but I hope to post them soon. I'm about 3/4 of the way unpacked (pretty good for just having moved yesterday!) but I have come to realize that it TOTALLY pays off to pack in an organized fashion and it was totally worth it to buy all the Rubbermaid tubs that I did. I bought a couple of space-savers - one of those shelf things that goes behind/over the toilet and a set of metal cubbies that snap together to put in my closet. The living room is actually pretty good sized but I'm gonna have to get creative with the kitchen. Limited cupboard space and only 4 drawers, and they're each only about 5 inches wide (gotta buy a new silverware holder). Tessa and I each took an armload of flattened boxes out to the recycling today (but that included boxes for things like my kitchen canisters and my toaster, etc.) plus I have a stack of at least 8 empty plastic bins. It's shaping up!

I LOVE it. I had my brother, a friend and 4 cousins who showed up to help me yesterday. We had the entire move done in less than 2 1/2 hours (including drive time). Those guys are my heroes. I woke up this morning insanely sore and I'm pretty much exhausted (and I've completely lost my voice) but I don't even care. =)

I'm hoping to get the kitchen completely unpacked tomorrow and then I'll have a handful of misc. boxes to do before I'm done. (I hate those - they're the ones that I never did unpack when I lived in Albany so I obviously haven't used any of the stuff in the last 5 months, I should just get rid of it!)

Tessa and I are off to Cold Stone because hey, I could use a little treat. =) Tomorrow when she goes home is when it will get weird because I'll be by myself. I can't wait to get internet!

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