Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My kitchen light shorted out last night so I need to get that fixed. I also need to scour the bathroom because the cleaning lady did a crappy job in there (enough that they knocked my rent down for June because it was so gross). I took 23 empty 50+ gallon bins to my parents garage last night, plus I've flattened and recycled at least 8 or 10 cardboard boxes. I think I have about 10 boxes/bins left to unpack and then I'll be done.

Living alone is weird. I have NOT been sleeping very well.

I get internet and cable on Saturday.

And my biggest complaint: Coming back to work. I was off for 6 days and I was anxious to get back into the swing of things this morning. But no, they put me in the back all this week and all next week to learn assembly and analysis of inpatient charts. Ok, this is something I need to know, but not something I need to spend a week and a half learning. I miss my own desk. I miss being around people and being busy. At this point I'm bored as hell and trying to stay awake doing something I don't enjoy. I took my lunch early today so I could visit with another coworker. She smokes so I sat in the smoking area with her thinking hey, 10 minutes isn't gonna kill me. Except now I absolutely REEK of cigarette smoke and have to do laundry tonight.

I really like my new place but please, oh please, can I sleep tonight?

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Diaria said...

Is living by yourself getting any easier? That is one thing that I have never done before (though I have had some roommates that were home so rarely that I was practically living alone). The quite would drive me nuts, but at least you have a boyfriend you can drag over, and hey, you can make him bring Jordan over for a sleepover!!! Especially on a Friday when he has to work Saturday, cuz then he will be closer to work, and you can spend the entire day with the little fella.

Well, anyways, good luck with the big adjust, and I am glad you had a lot of help moving. Sounds like Tessa wasn't there for very long, did she not spend the whole week? Wow, she should have, she wouldn't have had me to wake her up every day at about noon when I come home for lunch!!! And post some pics, I wanna see your new place!!!