Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost to internet...

Tomorrow! By noon I should have my own internet and cable and be happy as a clam. It's been weird not having it all week. Although it HAS forced me to go to bed earlier...

One of the first things I'm planning to do is post pictures. I have "pet ducks" named Marshall and Delilah who you need to meet. (They live in our parking lot and I seriously cannot figure out why. There is nothing appealing to a duck in our parking lot.) We got a couple of hilarious pictures of my "moving crew" last weekend that I need to share. Tonight our church put on An Evening for the Orphans as a fundraiser for the Mongolia mission this summer and I got some awesome pictures. Several of us girls were very dressed up and Crista's boyfriend got a couple of great pictures of us in the gazebo at Central Park (and then Stacy and I snapped a couple of each other around the park). I really need to post some of Jordan. And my apartment! Although I may need to unpack a couple more boxes first. =) Which is tomorrow's goal so don't worry Diana!

It turns out I DID have Fifth Disease (also known as Parvo B19) which explains the insane joint pain and fatigue. I missed 3 days of work last week and then Monday was a holiday so I went a full week with no work. This week I've been in the back office which is much (read: painfully) slower paced and that's helped me in taking it easy, although I did leave at 11 yesterday to help avoid relapsing. I've been trying to take a nap every day and go to bed before 9 and generally "be good." Today I worked a full shift, then went home and literally scrubbed my bathroom with a toothbrush and then went to the fundraiser so tonight I really gotta get some good sleep.

I've been sleeping better the last couple nights. The first couple (after Tessa left) were rough and I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. But it's gradually getting easier and is getting less weird to live alone. This weekend some of my favorite people are coming to see my apartment so that's exciting.

And now I'm off to join the hysterical laughter coming from the dining room because the cousins are here for game night! Last week it was our family, Tessa, Owen, Reid, Cary and Alaina and this week it's our family, Stacy, Courtney and her boyfriend Jon. I have hilarious relatives.

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