Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA! I haven't mailed your birthday present yet but I HAVE it so I'm gonna try to get it out this week. =) I hope your birthday is a happy one! (This is in case I don't get to call you tonight.)

2. I love Ellen DeGeneres.

3. I really don't understand people who have NO concept of customer service. Seriously. Am I just supposed to tell this patient "I'm sorry, we can't help you" just because you can't be bothered to pause for 2 minutes and help? I know the ER is busy - the ER is ALWAYS busy. You lost the patient's information, stop what you're doing and fix it.

4. I now like living alone. It was hard at first, just like I knew it would be, but I've gotten used to it. I like being able to turn off the TV/computer and crawl into bed knowing I'll sleep all night and not have to worry about people coming home at 3am and yelling in the hallway. There's a lot of road noise but I got totally used to sleeping with earplugs at the last house I lived in so that's no big deal. The the downstairs neighbors are pretty loud but I drown them out with the TV and music and I don't really hear them in my room. (Except when the smoker starts hacking in the morning.)

5. They rearranged some job duties at work and things have been running a lot more smoothly this week. I haven't felt so completely frazzled. Friday there is supposed to be a huge disaster drill with a Code Pink (child abduction) right in the middle of it so that ought to be crazy. Apparently they're using live patients for the drill which is something new. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes.

6. Pray for Andrew. He just turned 3 and he keeps getting sick with fevers/coughs/fatigue, etc. Three-year-olds are supposed to be full of energy and healthy, not going through batteries of tests and sleeping all the time. Also pray for his parents cuz it's pretty scary when nobody knows why your baby keeps getting sick.


Lani said...

Thanks for that last one...prayer is always good and always appreciated.

Diaria said...

1) thank you!!!! Oh, and no worries about the b-day presents either, neither of my brothers are going to be around for almost two weeks, so we are just going to put off the official party (if you want to call hanging with the family a party) til then. Wow, it's almost like I get two birthdays!!

5) I am sorry to hear that Andrew is not doing good (even though I don't know him). It is sad when little ones are sick like that. Even though it sounds serious, I will take the positive road and hope that it isn't. Maybe just a little virus that he will fight off. A gal I work with has a grandson that sounds really bad off too, and it breaks my heart.

I am glad you are doing better on your own. It makes me hopeful that when I make the same transition that I will do well with it.

Man, I never do seem to make short comments, do I?

Diaria said...

whoops, that 5) was supposed to be a 6)