Monday, July 28, 2008

Holidays, birthdays and camping!

I have been so behind in photo posting that I figured I'd better get up to date before I got MORE behind with the upcoming fair, church campout and Idaho!

So here we are on the 4th of July. Steve, Jordan and I had a picnic at a park with a couple of his friends and an assortment of spouses and kids. My old roommate Brooke came and brought her little sister and her dog.

Here's Kellee! She's also the one we went camping with this weekend.

Roasting marshmallows!
Jordan doesn't eat the marshmallows, he just burns them. Which actually works out pretty well because you know how you always end up with 1/3 of a bag of marshmallows at the end of the BBQ? I just hang on to them and let him burn them at the next one because by then they're stale anyway!

The next day was our annual reunion on my dad's side of the family. These are 7 of the 10 grandkids on that side (3 live in California).

Us girls. (There was a better picture of our faces but it turns out that Jon is a lousy photographer and these two were the only pictures that weren't blurry! Nice guy though - I'll forgive him.)

I don't know who had my camera at this point but they snuck in this picture! Unfortunately out of all the pictures I took of Steve and Jordan that day, none of them turned out. =(
Here we are at the infamous Chuck E. Cheese! Jordan was in SUCH a good mood that day. He's been asking for a party at CEC for about two years so this was the year.
He LOVED it.
He got some pretty awesome presents, including a new Batman backpack (from Penny) and some books (from Daddy and I). His friend who attended has never been to his house and doesn't know much about what he likes to play with but SCORED when he got him a Batman Lego set. I think that got the most oohs and ahhs out of Jordan. =)
One of Jordan's cousin drew him an I Spy in his birthday card which was super cute. =)
I had originally said I would make his cake but first he wanted a Hulk cake, then a Power Rangers cake and I didn't have the energy to attempt either one so we settled for a (actually pretty cool) Spiderman cake with a removable Spidey who you can then stick to the wall with his suction cup hands.

Cole and Noah, being the hams that they are!

Steve and his brother David.

Camping! This is Jordan the first morning, sooooound asleep. I wish that I had taken more pictures on this trip but alas, I did not.

We were in the campsite with the water pump so people were constantly coming to get water, which was actually quite humorous to us. It was the people with the collapsible water jugs that made us laugh the most. Sorry, it takes two people to fill those. =)

I am an expert at making pancakes in a cast iron skillet on a one burner propane stove, yes I am.

Anybody else reminded of Huck Finn?

Jordan told me Saturday morning that he was going to tell me a scary ghost story that night before bed. We were laying down talking and he pounces up and says, "Your ghost story!" It was a great ghost story, to be sure.

Little bit was pretty darn ready to go home at the end of the trip. We decided that camping isn't really for us. Steve and I got frustrated with each other several times but I think not having a shower tends to do that to us on a normal day. Overall it was fun but we were SO ready to be home yesterday.
Oh, and Kellee's rat dog that she brought along. lol I hated that stupid thing - it barked at every single person who came to get water.

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with an old coworker, Wednesday I'm getting my oil changed, Thursday I'm babysitting, Friday is David's band at the fair, Saturday is the fair and the Luau (YAY!!!), Sunday is church at Bell Ranch, Monday is work (ugh) and Tuesday we leave for Idaho! Yikes, when am I gonna do laundry...?

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