Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The OC

Well. This has certainly been an interesting night!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk, doing my thing, when all of a sudden I sucked my breath in HARD and grabbed my lower stomach area. Stephanie looked at me quizzically and asked what was going on, to which I replied that I had no idea but THAT HURT! Every so often I get random pains here and there so I thought ok, maybe I turned funny or something. But then it happened 4 or 5 more times that afternoon and into the evening. Steve got out his medical book and we looked up appendicitis and ovarian cysts and anything we could think of that warranted right lower quadrant pain. Took my temperature, nothing.

This morning I got up and had kind of forgotten about it, until midway through the morning when I gasped again and grabbed my middle. Last night Stephanie had quizzed me on the pain and then asked me what I had eaten and dubbed it indigestion. Today I looked at her and said, "Explain THAT as indigestion!" It happened another half a dozen times throughout the day and I was considering Urgent Care.

After work I got my oil changed, washed my car and got gas and then dropped by my parents' to drop something off. I berated my sister with questions about when she had HER appendix out because she had very atypical symptoms and they were CONVINCED it was not her appendix, but my mom demanded an ultrasound anyway, and lo and behold, she had appendicitis.

She told me what hers was like and explained a couple of ways they would check for sure (pushing here and letting go really fast, yadda yadda). While I was there it happened two more times so my mom offered to go with me to Urgent Care.

The doctor there was VERY nice (I'm much more skeptical of doctors than I used to be, now that I work with them) and asked lots of questions. He did a CBC (blood test) and urinalysis and sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. He was also not convinced that it was appendicitis but said that if my mom and sister (and dad too, actually) had weird cases of it, there was no reason I shouldn't as well.

We went to the hospital and got right in to ultrasound (lucky there HAPPENED to be a tech there at 7:30 at night). He pushed and prodded and generally made me want to pee on him, but was quite nice. Ultrasounds are interesting things. I asked him at one point, "So... what are you looking at right there?" "Oh, that's your uterus!" Riiiight...

He poked around some more and I said, "THERE. THAT is where it hurts." He goes, "Yeah, that's your ovary..."


He finished up, I wiped the goop off me and went pee. He sent me back to the waiting room and said the radiologist would read the U/S and then call the doctor I had seen at Urgent Care, who would then call me.

My mom and I sat reading our books for another 30 minutes or so and then my phone rang.

"Yes, Mikaila? This is Dr. Hudson. It looks like you have a very large ovarian cyst."

Well, that is just wonderful.

So, now I'm reading up on ovarian cysts and drinking more water than a fish (who don't actually drink water, I realize) and waiting. He said to have a follow up ultrasound in two weeks to make sure it's not growing or changing, etc. I'll make an appointment with my regular doctor for this week or Monday and we will just WAIT and see what happens.

But for now, pray for me! Every so often I get a stabbing pain that shoots right through my ovary and lasts about 10 to 15 seconds. That's not long at all but I can't move when it happens. Not so fun but at least I know what it is! Water, water, water...

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