Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am thankful for...

- Living on the second floor where I feel safe leaving my windows open at night.

- My blender (can you say SMOOTHIES??)

- The fact that my bosses trust me enough that they are having me train someone new this week and placing value on how I think he is doing. (FAST learner.)

- The cooler weather we had today.

- Going to a lake this weekend.

- Jordan's birthday, also this weekend.

- Camping next weekend (first time in so many years!)

- Our church campout in a couple of weeks!

- My apartment. I love being back home and I loved staying home tonight and relaxing.

- My job.

- A little extra cash this month.

- A new phone battery.

- Discovering work-appropriate summer clothes in my closet that I forgot I had.

- Getting to bed earlier tonight than any day so far this week! (And turning off Supernanny to do it.)

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