Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anagram ID

I found this website in Family Fun and tried it out for fun. Type in your name and get your own anagram ID name!

My favorite for my own full name is "A Charisma Twinkled Hi." Then I tried it again with just my first and last name and got another 66667 results. I liked "Maniac Width Silk" and "Salami Thick Wind."

Apparently my name spells a LOT of things.


Anonymous said...

So I went to the website and none of my anagrams are as cool as yours. In fact there is only one for my first name..."a cyst". Can't say that I'm all that fond of that anagram. Oh and when I put in my first and last name one of my options was "a martin cyst"! Boo! just wanted to share because I thought it was ironic with what you've been going through.

broseph said...

one of the kajillion it came up with:
feathers see nut
haha excellent.