Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The one where I talk about my period. And why I hate Radiology.

I have been in SO MUCH PAIN today!!! My ovary is KILLING ME!

First I just thought maybe it wasn't a good day for my ovary. For the last three and a half weeks the pain has been very sporadic. Incredibly sharp but sporadic and brief. Today it was CONSTANT. Not so sharp but still very painful and lots and lots of pressure. SO uncomfortable and SO ow.

I called my doctor mid-afternoon to let her know. She called me back very soon after and told me to get in for a repeat ultrasound and that she had faxed the order over.

I called Radiology after work to schedule.

The woman on the other end of the line: "Last name? First name? I don't see your order here. Hold on, let me check the fax machine."

Waiting.... waiting.... waiting....

Her: "Okay, when was your last menstrual cycle?"

Me: *doing math in my head* Tell her.

Her: "And how long is your cycle?"

Me: Tell her.

Her: "You bleed for that long?"

Me: No lady, that is not what I said! You asked how long my CYCLE is, not how long I bleed!

Me: Tell her how long.

Her: Hmm... okay, well, hmmm... We're not going to be able to schedule you today. We like to do ultrasounds 7-10 days after you stop bleeding and this puts you at about 12.


Me: "Um? That's only two days difference and my doctor would like this test done asap, how soon can I get in?"

Her: "I'm sorry, I can't schedule you. Go ahead and wait until you start your next cycle and then give us a call and we can get you in."

Dude, cysts SCREW UP your cycles, we could be talking another month before I get in. I can't wait that long.

So I call my doctor back, almost in tears, and explain the runaround that I got. She was MAD and called them herself to tell them they'd better get me in.

The best they could do?

Monday. 5 DAYS FROM NOW!

Because today was too far into my cycle but 5 days down the road is fine, apparently.

So my doctor told me I can either call Radiology and schedule for Monday or (and they would prefer) I can go to the ER and they'll just do one right then and there. However, I cannot afford to go through the ER just to get an ultrasound, much as I am in pain. I may, on the other hand, call my insurance tomorrow and find out how much my portion is for going through Urgent Care and take that route again. Especially if I could find out when the doctor I saw the last time is on call. I liked him.

So. All of the times that I have called Radiology for work purposes and hung up thinking they are idiots were confirmed today.

Not sure when the scheduler became a doctor and started getting to decide when patients are seen.

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