Friday, August 22, 2008

Follow up ultrasound

If you're not into hearing details about my reproductive organs, you may want to skip this post. (And any others that say anything about ultrasounds and ovaries.) I know most of you are getting your updates this way though, so I'll continue.

After being seen at Urgent Care last night I was able to get an ultrasound appointment for this afternoon (and have a call in with the manager of radiology concerning the service I received on Wednesday). I actually had two techs today, one who's an old hand and another who is an experienced student. Having two people was actually kind of fun because the first time the guy was silent and just did what he needed to do. This time they conversed with each other about what they were seeing and I actually learned a lot.

While I was sitting in the waiting room another tech came to get a patient and on the way down the hall I heard her explaining that they would take some external pictures and then let her use the bathroom and then they'd do an internal exam and I thought, "Ugh, how miserable. I'm glad that's not me."

You know what's coming.

When the tech came to get me she asked if my bladder was full. I said yes and she explained that they would do a normal external ultrasound, let me pee and then do an internal exam. SUPER! Nobody had actually said that to me so I was totally not expecting it.

The appointment took a full hour and they took no less than 56 pictures of my insides. The internal exam took what felt like forever but during the process they were commenting about all the follicles on my ovaries and I said, "And that's normal, right?" She goes, "Oh yeah, how old are you?" I told her. "Yep, you'll be a regular baby makin' machine!"

Nice to know, I guess. :)

After the internal they went back to external and the guy pushed and prodded some more. After no conversation for about ten minutes I said, "Are you just exploring what's in there?" He chuckled and said he was looking for anything abnormal. They also checked out my appendix since the previous guy couldn't find it. (I guess those appendixes are sneaky buggers.)

Right at the end (thank goodness) he was trying to pinpoint my pain and would push really hard and say, "Does it hurt right about there?" To which I would reply, "YES! PLEASE STOP!" The after-pain that results from people pressing on it is sometimes worse than the constant pain I already have.

Overall I think it went extremely well. They were very, very thorough and really took the time to check everything out. I asked him how soon the report would be ready if I wanted a copy and he said it should be done by this evening so I'm gonna stop back by my office in a couple hours and have one of my coworkers print it off for me. I'm assuming I won't get a call from a doctor until Monday and I want to know stuff before then. It pays to know the medical lingo.

I still covet and appreciate everyone's prayers!

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Carrie said...

It's all really fun, huh!? I'll keep praying!