Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I started thinking a few days ago about doing a post on food and meals and what I eat. I'm not sure why. But here it is!

Breakfast I always eat at work. First because I don't have time to eat before I leave the house, and second because I'm not hungry when I leave the house. I start work at 7 and I usually run down to the cafeteria around 8. Tuesday is my favorite day because they serve WAFFLES! I am a total sucker for waffles with strawberries. I cannot resist them. Friday is French toast. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I have two English muffins (equaling four halves - I'm a pig) with butter and jam. Sometimes a V8, sometimes tapioca pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on top (which I'm also a sucker for, but they never have it).

I usually get hungry again before lunch so I try to pack a morning snack in with my lunch. Usually fruit or yogurt. This week it's home baked white bread, which I will add the recipe for at the end of this post (SO good).

Lunch is almost always leftovers. Normally I'll make something for dinner early in the week and then pack the leftovers for lunch all week. I rarely eat at the cafeteria. I will on occasion if it's something I really love, like fajitas (also a meal I cannot resist). If I don't have any leftovers at home and am "forced" to eat at the cafeteria I usually get a Caesar salad (another one of my favorites). Some of my frequently packed lunches are stir fry over rice, cheesy ham chowder, spaghetti and other pasta.

Then there's this cake that they have at the espresso bar that I absolutely cannot get enough of. It's called Strawberry Bavarian Torte and it is TO DIE FOR. And they have it way too often.

Afternoon snack, usually the dang cake. Sometimes fruit or veggies or corn chips with homemade guacamole. And I drink water ALL day long.

Dinner is my weak spot. By the time I get home I just want to check my e-mail, watch Ellen and not cook. So dinner is the meal I throw together. Sometimes Annie's macaroni and cheese, other times a sandwich and on my most exhausted nights, Stouffer's mac and cheese (I do like mac and cheese and I make a mean batch from scratch but not when I'm exhausted). And always a glass of milk.

In the evenings, sometimes a bowl of ice cream. With another glass of milk.

So see, the first half of the day I do eat pretty healthy. The second half, I don't do so good. But it's true, I don't eat many sweets (because they're all chocolate!) and I don't drink soda or coffee, so that helps I guess. And when I go grocery shopping I'm almost always buying ingredients to actually cook with, not usually pre-cooked things.

Okay, unfortunately it is way too late to post the recipes I wanted to. But, I promise I will get a couple up by the end of the week. They are too good not to share. Stay tuned!

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