Friday, October 3, 2008

The one where I have a new life

Fall is a time for new beginnings, right? Creating a routine, getting back into a whole new "swing of things."

I think I can confidently say that I am doing that.

The first new thing I started is a workout routine. I'm one of those people who has always liked the idea of working out but never put that idea into effect. And not because I'm lazy but because I have always wanted the variety of a gym workout and have never been able to afford that. I found out recently that the Cardiac Rehab gym at the hospital is free for employees to use after hours. SWEET! All I had to do was sign a form saying that I won't bring any family and/or friends in and that I won't file an on-the-job injury claim if I hurt myself.

I went for the third time last night and I am absolutely loving it. I have always wanted to be able to run for more than 30 seconds and haven't been able to, partly because of mild asthma and partly because of no stamina. I'm slowly trying to build up to feeling like I can actually run and call it "running" not just "attempting to run." And I also love that I've been just a tad bit sore after each workout, knowing that I pushed myself just a little but not so far that I can't move the next day.

(The other really exciting part about this is that I finally bought an iPod and I totally love that, too. I've only been waiting two years for one of those.)

New thing number two:

I put out an e-mail on public notices at work awhile back saying that I was looking to pick up some here-and-there childcare jobs. I got one lady who calls me every few weeks to watch her two kids for a few hours and I really like their family. (Hers is the son who is three days younger than Jordan.) But twenty bucks every four weeks or so wasn't really what I had in mind so I put out a couple more e-mails. Not only am I offering childcare but I'm also offering house and pet sitting and house cleaning.

The house cleaning is what gets them, folks. Apparently there are lots of people who would rather shell out the money than clean their house themselves. Or, like the family I cleaned for tonight, they just have too darned many kids and would rather spend time with THEM than cleaning the house! (The dad of this family has an Australian accent and I totally stood in the bathroom just cleaning away and listening to him talk and use phrases like, "The battery is flat.")

I have two one-time cleaning sessions set up for the next couple of weeks, this one family from tonight who wants me every other week and at least 4 other people who I'm setting up consults with and will probably clean for every week or every other week. This could really turn into a nice little side business...

The funny thing is that a couple of the people who want me to clean their house have also said, "Oh, and you do childcare too... Hmm, we should talk about that..."

And the third thing is that I'm finally reading a little bit more. I had almost dropped that hobby for awhile (without really intending or wanting to) during all those moves to and from Albany I was making but now I'm getting back into it. I joined a book club a few weeks ago and I like picking the books and then OWNING them and taking as long as I want to read them. AND, if the book doesn't grab my interest in the first chapter or two I'm more inclined to read a little further than usual because hey, I PAID for this book! :)

Anyway, I'm feeling extremely good about things. Little extra cash coming in, little extra savings going on, little extra happy around here. :)

And it's RAINING! Fall is really here!!!

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Carrie said...

That all sounds fantastic! Good for you!