Friday, December 5, 2008


Because my life is not crazy enough for the next 8 weeks, I felt the need to add something more.

I signed up for a line dance class!

It doesn't start until January and so far January is slightly less busy then December (mostly just weekend happenings). I very excited! I found out at our church Barn Party this year that I love country line dancing (and am not half bad at it, if I do say so myself). I know this class isn't solely country line dancing but I'm hoping they at least touch on it.

And Steve told me today that he'd love to take a dance class with me (which sort of shocked the heck out of me) so hopefully we can do that soon, too! I used to ballroom dance years ago and loved it so it would be great to get back into that a little.

The class description says leather soled shoes are required. Yeah, because I have a bunch of THOSE lying around! Might have to get creative on that level...

I was a little disappointed because I was hoping they would have a hip hop class offered (one that I've taken twice before). One of my coworkers said it sounded "interesting" and that he and his girlfriend would take it with me. But it was only offered during our work hours. :( Oh well, maybe next term.

I'm so excited!

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Carrie said...

Well that all sounds like fun. Line dancing wasn't all that bad. =D Hope you have a good time!