Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bring on the new year!

So, are you excited for the new year?

I am! New years are always exciting. :)

What was your favorite thing about this past year?

We were discussing that the other night… I loved going to Idaho to hang out with my cousins, I loved turning 21, I loved spending the year with Steve and Jordan.

Who was your best friend(s)?

Steve, Tessa, Stephanie and Caleb.

Did you fall in love this year?

More and more.

Go somewhere exciting?

Idaho was exciting. :) So was Live and Breathe Letterboxing!

Did you have a resolution for this year?

I usually don’t do resolutions. Why wait for the new year to make a change for the better?

Lose any friends?

A couple.

Make any?


How much do you think you changed?

Quite a bit. Hopefully for the better.

Did you grow any?

Oh yes.

What month was your birthday?


Was it special?

It was different than any other birthday I’ve had! Lol. But it was lots of fun.

Do anything you regret a lot?

Can’t have been anything I regret TOO much because I can’t think of anything!

What are you most thankful for this year?

My family, my boyfriend and son, my reliable car, my friends and my great job(s).

Did anyone you love die this year?


How many significant others did you have?

Just one!

Did you get in trouble a lot?

If you include a hangover “in trouble” then yes, once. It only took once!

Who are you going to kiss at midnight?


Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?

Steve. :)

What is your resolution for next year?

That resolution thing again… I would like to get back into going to the gym but that will probably happen once I get a little more settled. I’m not going to promise myself that I have to go 3 times a week or I can’t eat that slice of pie. That’s just silly. Pie is supposed to be eaten!

Whose house are you going to party at on New Year’s Eve?

That has yet to be determined!

Going to watch the ball drop on TV?

Only if there happens to be a TV in the room that I am in and it has the ball dropping on the screen! I think that’s kind of a dorky tradition, actually.

Will this year be better than last year?

I hope so. :) Coming years should always be better than previous years – then they just keep getting better and better! It will be a growing experience for me, that’s for sure.

If for one year you could choose to be any age, what age would you be and why?

28. I have no idea why, it just seems like a good age. I hope to be married with at least one more baby by then and that idea makes me very happy. :)

In past years, what New Year’s resolution did you break the fastest?

A few years ago I did still make resolutions and the one I always broke the fastest was journaling. Even when I resolved to journal once a WEEK I would break it! There’s something about pressure that does not work well with journaling.

Who do you NOT want to see in 2009?

I can think of a couple of people… But I probably won’t see them so it seems like a funny thing to dwell on!

On New Year’s Eve, do you:

a) Fall asleep at 9:00 p.m. (like you do any other night.)
b) Barely make it to midnight with your significant other/family.
c) Hit the town like a party animal until at least 1:00 a.m.

Usually C. I usually try to take a nap that afternoon so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed until the new year arrives!

What word or phrase will you hear your significant other or best friend say most often in 2009?

“I love you.”

What 2009 movie or book are you most looking forward to?

I’ll have to think on that one… Inkheart looks like a good movie! And Monsters vs. Aliens looks like one that Jordan will enjoy.

What new thing would you mix with chocolate in 2009?

My ability to eat it! (Wouldn’t that be nice…)

What celebrity headline do you foresee in 2009?

Angelina is pregnant AGAIN! And Britney fell back off the deep end! And Lindsey got another DUII and Brad is still hot and Cher got more plastic surgery. Blah blah blah.

How many people will you romantically kiss in 2009?

Just one. :) The perfect number.

Will you be looking for a new job?

I hope not. I love my job!

Will you be looking for a new relationship?

No, I will not. Not a romantic one anyway. New friends are good. :)

What will you do different in ‘09?

I will have more patience (on many different levels). And I’ll try to be more selfless.

Any trips planned?

Possibly one to Hoodoo to go tubing but so far that’s all. Maybe one in October for our anniversary since we didn’t take one this year.

Wedding plans?

None for myself. Guess we’ll see if any of my friends get married. :)

Major thing on your calendar?

Steve turns 35, Jordan turns 8… And the regular major holidays with family!

What can’t you wait for?

Summer and birthdays. :)

What would you like to see happen different?

I’d like for a couple of people in my work place to grow up so the rest of us don’t feel like we’re working in a Kindergarten classroom.

What happened in ‘08 that you didn’t think would ever happen?

A few things… mostly relational but not about me.

Will you dress differently in ‘09 than you did in ‘08?

Nah. :)

Will you start or quit drinking?

I probably won’t change much about my drinking. I like an occasional glass of wine but I’m not a partier.

Will you better your relationship with your family?


Do you expect ‘09 to be a good year for you?

Yes, I do! I expect it to be a year of change, but good change.

Do you plan on having a child?

Nope. Not this year!

Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?

I hope so. I have some pretty darn awesome friends.

Any major lifestyle changes?

Moving in with Dorothy will be a major lifestyle change. But I think it’s going to be great.

Will you be moving?

Funny you should mention that! :) Probably in a few short weeks.

What will you make sure doesn’t happen in ‘09 that happened in ‘08?

I’m not going to move 3 times in 2009!!!!!

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