Thursday, December 25, 2008


I COMPLETELY forgot to even take my camera out of my purse today! But I snapped a couple of shots on my phone and I know my mom had her camera so hopefully I'll end up with some more later. :)

This is at Stacy's, right before we ate. Kendra always goes up to Colby and does this one-sided (because he totally does not participate) hug thing. I got in on the action. :)

We ate a big brunch, visited a lot, opened a few gifts, played some games (Apples to Apples with the cards reversed!), visted some more, took a nap, played more games and went for a walk. Two of my cousins followed me up to the house this evening and we all sat in the hot tub and visited for another half hour. It was a totally fun day.

And randomly, a shot of Kendra and I at Costco a couple weeks ago! Aren't we stunning shoppers? Haha.

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