Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Santa

A friend of mine gave me a Christmas book for Jordan this week. It has a story about a little girl and her letter to Santa. In the back of the book are supplies to write your own letter to Santa. Last night Jordan and I did just that.

I love how he starts out asking for "lots of presents" and then asks Santa for three things. :) He has been keeping a wish list in his head and I think between Steve and I, his parents and Penny, Jordan is getting everything he asked for. We have plans to leave "reindeer food" (dry oats mixed with a pinch of glitter) on the driveway on Christmas Eve so the reindeer can have a snack while Santa has his milk and cookies inside.

Here is his letter, which we "mailed" last night. Written verbatim:

Dear Santa,

I want you to bring me lots of presents. And I'll tell you what the presents are: One is a Storm Trooper mask. Chapter two would be: a light saber kit to build your own light saber. Chapter three would be: I also want a painting kit with lots of colors. And that's all I want.

I will leave you some cookies - I hope Stripey (Jordan's cat) doesn't eat them all! And I'll leave you a glass of milk.

And there's one more thing: I hope I can come to the North Pole with you. Will you pinky promise with me?

And that's all.


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Carrie said...

=D Glad he liked it.