Thursday, December 11, 2008


(A few of you have already received this by e-mail.)

Yesterday I had two different coworkers approach me and ask me if I've ever considered being a caregiver. Honestly, the answer was no, not really.

(But what an honor to be told by two different people that they recommended me for the job and think I would be good at it.)

There is a woman who worked in the library here at the hospital (sorry e-mail receivers, I thought she still worked here but apparently she left recently and I was unaware) who has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. She is looking for someone to live in her home and be a caregiver to her.

My understanding is that this would mean a free place to live for me, plus (probably) a small amount of pay.

I've spent yesterday and today researching Lou Gehrig's and trying to learn more about it and more about being a caregiver. I have an idea of what it would entail but obviously I've never done this before. Right now she is looking for low-key care but I assume that as her condition progresses that she'll need more in-depth care. (This is all based on what my two coworkers have told me and what I have read about the disease.)

This is something that I am REALLY thinking and praying about. It's not something that I want to jump into because it would be fairly altering to my lifestyle (moving (yay!) and probably toning down my social life a bit). It's something that would be very helpful in my (so far failing) quest to save money. It's something I need to discuss with Jordan and REALLY discuss with Steve. I'm planning to call the lady tonight and find out what exactly she's looking for and talk with her about her needs and wants in a caregiver.

Please pray with me!

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