Saturday, January 3, 2009

Life at Raven House

Ok, I admit, this first picture isn't up at the house, it was taken out the window at work. But it's pretty! :)

This was taken out the back door:

I think this picture was taken on the day with the most snow. It was so pretty outside...

Eddie and Dakota got new tennis balls and you'd think it was raining peanut butter, they were that excited. Eddie will play fetch for hours (as evidenced in the next picture - he and Jordan are best buds) but Dakota will take her ball and go sit with it somewhere, perfectly content.

All toasty in front of a nice, warm fire

I head home tomorrow but it sure has been relaxing up here! I probably won't sleep as well as I have in this bed until I move out of my apartment. (Which is another post entirely - things are coming together with Dorothy. I officially took the job this week.)

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