Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Madness

I think I'm on plan J or K for today! It just keeps getting crazier.

Last night I packed up most of my stuff from Ciel's and made a trip to my apartment. I saved out my clothes for work today, my bathroom stuff and today's lunch. This morning I wiped everything down, set her mail out, did a once-over, said goodbye to the doggies and headed to work. I get to work and find an e-mail that she's still in Canada! lol What a surprise! After exchanging several e-mails this morning she called and we nailed down a plan (because it turns out her roommate is coming home today too and needed a ride from Albany!).

Long story short, I may or may not be picking Todd up in Albany (he thinks he can get a ride home or at least a ride to Corvallis) and Ciel is planning to be at work tomorrow so she'll make it home at SOME point today. :) Madness! (And I still have her garage door opener!)

This morning I was on my morning break in the library and I hear, "THERE you are!" and thought, "I recognize that voice..." I turned around there was my grandma! She was over from the coast for an appointment and had stopped in to say hi (and found me in the third place she looked, haha).

I had just been talking with Dorothy (who works in the library part time) and the other librarians and she had told them that I'm going to be one of her caregivers and will be living with her. They were VERY excited (yay!) and one of the first questions was, "Can you cook?" Good thing I can! :) Apparently Dorothy has a list (which I have not yet seen) of things she wants me to cook for her. :) She came by my office earlier this afternoon to tell me that she just learned that the hospital offers free training of caregiving skills (such as lifting, suctioning, etc.) so she came to find out how to spell my name so she can sign me up! I'm excited to learn that stuff.

Tomorrow night is my first line dancing class (woo hoo!) and then I'm spending the night at Dorothy's to help her out on Wednesday morning, which is the only day she doesn't have someone to come by and help her with her morning routine. I'm anxious to see how that goes and to find out how early I'll need to get up in the mornings. :) I'm thinking about surprising her with a set of baby monitors because she was talking about needing a way for me to hear her from my room in case she needs help turning over in the night or is having trouble breathing. She mentioned that she thought baby monitors would be a good idea (and I can't think of a better one!).

You may not hear from me for several days! :) Happy Monday!

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