Saturday, January 17, 2009

Notes from the invalid

I'm sick.

And I'm very mad at my coworker/good friend who had this exact same thing and swore she was not contagious and that it was just a sinus infection.

I haven't had a voice for about 4 days now. Of course, talking all day Thursday and Friday didn't help. I have the WORST sounding cough and omigosh, nothing helps it. I've been guzzling honey, lemon, Tylenol Cough, OJ and water. Dorothy even sent me back to bed this morning because I sounded so bad. After my hot shower I laid down for about 20 minutes and now I feel much better but of course I still sound awful (worse than I feel, actually). I'm washing my hands obsessively.

Dorothy has recovered spectacularly from her surgery. I am planning make a complaint to the hospital about one thing though. They had attached a drain bag to her feeding tube on Thursday. When we asked about it they told us to just leave it attached and Home Health would take care of it/detach it in the morning. When the nurse got here she was appalled because everything she had had to drink since 6pm when her IV was unhooked had gone straight through her and into the bag. All of her liquids and medications. Grr! (Although that means she did amazing with pain.)

She's supposed to have 5 cans of this prescription Ensure-like "food" every day, plus 750mL of water. In addition to still eating regular food by mouth, that's a good bit of liquid. I just timed one can of food and 300mL of water and it took 1 hour and 10 minutes. Hello 5am on weekdays! But after only two times of going through the routine I'm already fairly proficient at it. It's very simple, really. It's the dripping that takes time.

Anyway... hopefully this afternoon I can get some packing done at my apartment. Monday morning I'm calling Comcast to discontinue that service and writing the letter to my management company, giving my notice for the end of February. Plus calling my storage unit. Lots to do!

But for now, some lunch.

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