Thursday, January 22, 2009

This unexpected life of mine

I would love to write a Thursday Thirteen post but, alas, THERE IS NO TIME!

Life got REALLY interesting and crazy this week. Monday evening Dorothy fell while moving from her living room chair to her wheelchair and broke her ankle. Her knees just buckled beneath her and down she went. After a trip to the ER and lots of x-rays they splinted her leg and sent her home (which was kind of dumb, actually).

She's mostly bed-ridden which has made things VERY interesting. I'm sure she wouldn't want me to divulge all kinds of information and details but let's just say the nitty gritty caregiving work has come a lot sooner than any of us anticipated.

We're having a hospital bed and a lift delivered tomorrow which will make things SO MUCH easier. Right now we're using brute strength and sliding sheets to move/maneuver her and it's just not very effective. Once we have the right tools it will be much simpler.

This week my routine has gone something like this:

5:30am, wake up
5:40am, get Dorothy sitting up in bed and start her feeding tube
5:55am, jump in the shower and start to get myself ready
6:25am, check on Dorothy and the tube
6:30am, run around getting my lunch and Dorothy's pills, etc. together
6:45am, disconnect feeding tube, clean up, situate her
6:55am, make a dash for the door
7:05am, walk into work 5 minutes late (again)
3:40pm, get off work, run home
3:55pm, assess the home situation (who's there, what/if Dorothy has eaten, if Charley has been out, etc.)
4:15pm, start feeding tube
4:30pm, start dinner while doing 4 other things
5:15pm, eat (maybe sitting down), clean up dinner
6:45pm, do some sort of shifting/toileting/changing/etc. tast
7:00pm, put away my lunch stuff, load the dishwasher, tidy the kitchen
7:20pm, (it continues like this all evening)
10:00pm, colapse into bed

On top of all that (as if it wasn't enough!) my parents are on their way out of state today to visit with (and minister to) a friend who is threatening suicide. The ultimate goal is to bring the friend back with them but knowing said friend, that is a very long shot. Please pray for all of them.

AND I learned this week that one of my uncles is in the hospital.

AND THEN! Oh wait... I think that's actually all.

But believe me, it's enough!

Doozie came down yesterday to help out with Dorothy and is staying til early this afternoon. Heather is coming down tonight or tomorrow morning. Last night I was able to go over to Steve's (and surprise him!) and spend about an hour and a half with him and Jordan, uninterrupted. My goodness was it wonderful. :) Doozie also took "the night shift" and the baby monitor last night so I was able to stay in bed all night (and I did hear them up at about 3 this morning). I feel much more rested today.

Tonight my goal is simply to go to bed before 10pm. The weekend will be busy but I'll try to post again and I'll try to make it something interesting and non-Dorothy-related. :)

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