Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Word(y) Wednesday

In place of doing a Wordless Wednesday today I will be using lots of words.

I have two IMMENSE blessings to share and one prayer request.

The first blessing happened last week. I had been looking at baby monitors (so that I'd be able to hear Dorothy from all the way down the hall if she needed anything in the night) and had found one that I really, really liked. It got great reviews and seemed like exactly what we needed. However, NOBODY was selling it in stores and the soonest I could get it in the mail was about 16 days out. One of my coworkers suggested that I post on public notices and see if anyone had one they were getting rid of. It seemed like kind of a long shot to me but I did post. Soon after I posted I took a break and went to the library. I was online and (being the impatient person that I am) decided to just order the monitor I wanted online. Guaranteed satisfaction. I got halfway through placing the order and realized that I had left my purse (containing my debit card) back at my desk. Oh well, no monitor. I closed the window and not 2 minutes later my cell phone rang and it was a woman offering to sell me her brand-new-never-used monitor!

(For the record, we set it up the next day and it works great. We even put it to use one night at 1:30am.)

The second blessing happened today. I have spent practically zero time at my apartment in the past four weeks. I have spent a total of two nights there (between house sitting and then moving in with Dorothy). Today I went by to pick up a couple of things and check the mail. I had a letter from my management company... interesting. I ripped it open and found a notice that they are increasing rent, effective March 1st. Haha, SUCKERS! I'll be gone by the last day of February! I had a hunch that they would increase the rent (because I looked online and the current new-tenant rent is higher than what I pay). I find it to be a total work of God that the dates fell the way they did. :)

And now for the prayer request:

I think I mentioned before that Dorothy would need to get a feeding tube put in. We figured it would be a *little* way down the road (if even a few weeks). Last week at a therapy appointment she was asked when she was going in to see her Gastroenterologist. Her appointment had been set for later this month and they told her that was not soon enough. They bumped it up to yesterday. Yesterday they set her surgery for tomorrow (Thursday the 15th). THAT'S SOON.

Dorothy's daughter came down from Portland tonight and the three of us are here at the house. We'll all troop up to the hospital (but it will probably be more like a trudge because of the insane hour of the morning) by 6am tomorrow. Her surgery is scheduled for 7:30am.

Please be in prayer for her. They are doing the surgery now because she has to have a certain lung capacity for it to be possible. Once a patient reaches a low enough lung capacity the surgery becomes impossible. Her lungs are still fairly good so she should be fine in that respect. However, I think she is more nervous than she is letting on. Having a feeding tube totally and completely weirds her out. Every time we talk about it, she cringes. Ironically, the idea of a feeding tube does not weird me out (and most things medical tend to). I would also ask that you be in prayer for her in that respect. It will be a learning experience for all of us and hopefully one that she quickly gets used to. She will still be able to eat orally for as long as she wants to (or as long as it's possible) but the feeding tube will be used for nutrients, hydration and medications.

My bosses at work have been wonderful and gave me tomorrow off to be with Dorothy and Heather. I think Heather may stay through the weekend (depending on how Dorothy is doing).

Again, thank you everyone for your support in this!

(Another prayer request, if you feel so inclined... I'll be calling my old storage place tomorrow to see if they have any units open. I know that it is not beyond God to give me the unit that I had before, which was perfect. In fact, the way things have been falling into place in the last week, it would not surprise me in the least. It was the unit with the custom built loft in it that made storing (and finding) my stuff a breeze. If not that exact unit, then one the same size! I'd really like to go through the same place as before. Thank you for praying!!!)

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