Thursday, January 8, 2009

God is so good

I just have to sit here for a second and revel in all the ways God has provided for me, especially in the last few weeks. I'm pretty much amazed.

First, He brought me the housesitting job at Ciel's. Not only did that put some money in my bank account but it provided me with a relaxing place to stay for three weeks and some really wonderful quality time with my boys. I feel like part of my decision to move in with Dorothy came from having that sane, quiet place to live and feeling like my brain got to slow down a little bit and relax.

Also, do you remember back in October when I posted that I really wanted to finally live somewhere GOOD? Somewhere quiet, somewhere safe and somewhere healthy. I said that I wanted to wait until after the holidays but that I would start looking for a new place. This opportunity totally fell in my lap. People came to ME and asked if I would consider being a caretaker. I had never even thought of that before.

Dorothy and I click. She is so easygoing and I am very flexible. We seem to work really well together. I'm looking forward to being as much her friend as I am her caretaker.

And then there was the fact that I had been feeling like I would never get my car paid off because I can pretty much only afford the minimum payments every month. Living with Dorothy will allow me to pay it off completely, probably before a year is up.

God has given me great bosses at work who totally support my role with Dorothy and have encouraged me in that. He's given me wonderful people to babysit for who have pretty much said, "Hey, whatever makes your life easier." He's given me friends and family who have done NOTHING but support me in this, praying for me and encouraging me.

He threw a dance class my way that I am LOVING. It's an hour once a week to do something entirely for me. Something that I really want to get back into and something that I am passionate about.

And now He's giving me a peace of mind that maybe this will be my most stress-free move yet. I was talking to my mom last night about the logistics of moving and when I should give my notice and I was saying that I'm really unsure about that part. I don't want to keep paying for an apartment for longer than I need to, but at the same time, it might work really well for me to move most everything I will need to Dorothy's and then take a couple of extra weeks to pack up my apartment and see if there's anything extra that I decide I don't want in storage. It's kind of living in limbo but it might keep me from packing like a maniac and then realizing that I put a bunch of stuff in storage that I now want at the house. Plus, if I disconnect my internet and I'm not there very often, my bills will be close to nothing. (Now I'm thinking out loud again.)

Basically I'm just feeling really good about things. I have my moments of stress (like the fact that I get off work at 3:30 today and I told Dorothy I'd be over at 4:30 but I have to go home and pack for several days first, dig up my previous storage unit info [actually, I know right where that is] and run by the store before getting to her house) or the fact that I pretty much have NO CLUE how I want to divide most of my stuff (storage or not), but all of that seems pretty petty in comparison to just HOW MUCH God has blessed me lately and all of the loose ends that he has tied together. Wow.

And can I just say that I am SO proud of my boyfriend? He has been absolutely amazing through all of this, supporting me 100%, even though he knows that it will mean a little less time together. And on that same note, even Jordan has been supportive of it all.

Life is good.

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