Friday, February 27, 2009

5 for Friday

5 things bouncing around in my head today...

1. Being off work. I love time off but I'm also sick of it. This house is a CONSTANT buzz of activity and it's not exactly relaxing. Caregiving is one of those jobs that has you constantly keeping one ear cocked, even when you're "resting." I usually understand Dorothy when someone else doesn't or know what she means when she makes a certain gesture. There are times when I've had to force myself to go in my room and shut the door and ignore what's going on, telling myself that she and Natalie do fine when I'm at work every other day so they'll be fine if I'm in my room.

2. My car. The people were supposed to come and assess it sometime between Tuesday and Friday (huge window if you ask me) and to the best of my knowledge, they have not done that yet. At least they haven't called to tell me that they have. And I'm getting annoyed because hello, I AM CARLESS (and I am moving tomorrow). They won't pay for a rental and in my opinion that means that they should get their asses out here and look at my car so that I can get it okayed for driving. I'm a little annoyed.

3. Steve and Jordan. I haven't seen Steve since Sunday and I haven't seen Jordan since, like, Friday and I MISS THEM.

4. Getting everything done tomorrow. Gah. A bunch of my cousins and my brother are meeting at my apartment tomorrow to move all my stuff into storage. That shouldn't take long (the last time it only took like 2.5 hours) but then I have to clean the place. =( And it has that not-been-lived-in-for-six-weeks ickiness about it. Ugh.

5. Upcoming trips! I'm working on planning one to Portland for Steve and I for my birthday (which we probably won't actually get to do until May) and another for he and Jordan and I for his birthday in June (which he knows nothing about - it's a total surprise). Yay!

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