Sunday, March 22, 2009


The next two weeks are shaping up to look kind of interesting...

Heather has been down for the past two weekends which means that I've gotten to go out and have fun and not worry in the least that things are completely under control at home.

I've told a few of you about Hope. She is a friend/co-worker of Dorothy's who is ALWAYS HERE. I have to be careful what I say here in case she is reading, but basically she calls every single day to see if she can come over, despite the fact that we have (more than once) set days where she can come over and asked her to lay low the other days. Dorothy lives a busy life with appointments and work and friends, etc. There are nights when we just need to be home and do nothing and not have anyone over. I'm surprised at how many of Dorothy's friends don't seem to understand that, despite being told several times (and there are a few of them).

Anyway, she is the one who is usually here on Tuesday evening (my evening off). However, this Wednesday she leaves town for 10 days. I had been planning to ask to switch my Tuesday for Wednesday this week but now won't be able to (unless I search around for a different friend of Dorothy's to cover that night but that starts getting complicated). I still get Tuesday but it means missing the thing I wanted to do on Wednesday.

Then Natalie (Dorothy's daytime caregiver) is available every other Saturday afternoon to come hang out while I have my other day off. It's been so long since we've used her on a Saturday (first she was sick, then Heather was down a couple of weeks in a row) that I've completely forgotten if she's available this Saturday. I'm crossing my fingers that she is because I may not get my evening off next week since Hope is out of town.

Anyway, all this rambling to say that I'm just hoping things fall into place because I don't want to get burned out in the next couple of weeks.

And now, it's past my bedtime!

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