Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Newsday

I found an article this weekend about a seeing eye horse that I found to be not only interesting but also very touching. Click here to watch the video.

I'm fascinated by Nadya Suleman. I have very mixed feelings about her whole story. I believe that children are a blessing and I believe that her octuplets all surviving is nothing short of a miracle. But I also think that she was very irresponsible to have six children, some of them disabled, and to try for more children, being the single, unemployed mother that she is. I'd have to say I'm appalled at the doctor that she used, implanting all of those embryos. Anyway, if you have the same fascination that I do, click here to see how she fired her nurses. Here she is in an interview with NBC (where she speaks for herself) and here you can learn about the lunatic paparazzi who swarmed her car when she brought her first two babies home.

News in my own life:

I took today off work. Last night I had my first meltdown as a caregiver (although I don't think Dorothy knows it happened). The one aspect of this job that I can honestly say that I hate is Dorothy's bipap machine that she uses at night. The masks don't fit quite right and it's uncomfortable for her. Every night we fight with it to make it "acceptable" for the night. Last night I had just barely fallen asleep and she called for me to come in and adjust it. The most frustrating part is that once the mask is on, she can't talk. So I'm basically going blind on what she wants me to do. I finally asked her if she wanted me to switch the mask out and she said yes. Then the fittings wouldn't go together. I was getting so frustrated with the dumb thing. Once I got it all together and put the mask over her head I had to adjust all the straps and settings (go figure since everything was adjusted just fine two nights ago!). At the end of the whole ordeal I walked back into my bedroom and burst into tears.

Dorothy has an appointment with her sleep doctor this afternoon and hopefully they will come up with a better fit for the mask and adjust the machine so she isn't overwhelmed with blasts of air. One can hope and pray.

I've had a lot of stomach aches lately which is something that I've always struggled with. For awhile I was barely getting them at all but the last few weeks they've started to come back. So today when I woke up with one I called work and said I was staying home. I'm taking a sick day/mental health day. After being chewed out at work yesterday for a bunch of things that were not my fault (by various people in bad moods, most of them outside my department)I just needed a day. So I'm taking a day.

This concludes the first of many Tuesday Newsdays. =)

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