Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 updates and such

A different kind of Thursday Thirteen today... I have been thinking all week that I need to post a blog update but by the time evening rolls around and I have a little downtime I would usually rather lay down with a book. Living the current life that I live WITHOUT much downtime, I'm usually inclined to give in to that desire. =) Then today Stacy called me and as we were talking I realized that I really haven't updated on much in awhile and I should do that! So, while Dorothy naps, I will write a Thursday Thirteen update. =)

1. My car was not totaled (as I had hoped it wouldn't be) and "only" had $1,800 worth of damage. I took it in to the body shop on Monday afternoon and they said it would be late Friday afternoon before it was done. A coworker gave me a ride home from work on his motorcycle this afternoon and we drove right past the body shop. I looked over and thought, "Huh, it looks done to me... I wonder what they have left to do.". Conveniently, about 20 minutes after I got home and settled in, they called and said it was ready. =)

2. Dorothy gets her cast off tomorrow! Assuming that everything has healed properly it's coming off at 10:30 in the morning. HOORAY!!! I suppose it's been less of an issue for us as it would be for somebody mobile but it's still a hassle. Extra pillows at night, she's less able to turn on her own... We're very ready (after 8 weeks) for it to come off. =)

3. Jordan is sick. =( The poor guy has a 101 temp and just feels icky. Luckily he is off school today and tomorrow but who wants to spend their days off in bed?? It also sucks because when he and Steve are sick, they can't come over for fear of getting Dorothy sick so I see them much less (Steve was sick for a whole week recently). We would all appreciate prayers for his speedy recovery.

4. Heather (Dorothy's daughter) is coming down this weekend and I get two whole days off! I feel like I haven't had a "real" day off in weeks because I've sort of been "on call" and had to stick close by. This weekend I have a day trip planned to head up to Portland to visit Diana for a few hours. Then in the evening a few coworkers and I have an overdue birthday bash planned (Stephanie's birthday was the 2nd) which includes dinner at a seafood bar and grill and then a few hours at Caleb's, complete with his bartending skills and Wii. A fun time will be had by all.

5. Things have finally settled down enough (and I have finally gotten into the swing of things enough) that I have time to read! For awhile there I was thinking that would never happen. =) A few months ago I read a book that I really enjoyed and the author just came out with a new book a few weeks ago. I had pre-ordered it from the book club I belong to and then forgot about it. When it showed up in the mail I was pleasantly surprised!

6. LOVING American Idol! I never got hooked on that show because I never had cable when it was on but it's Dorothy's major weakness. This week we had to tape it both nights because her busy social life got in the way so I'm not quite up to date on things. I did see a few glimpses that made me wonder why people choose certain songs... The point is to show off your talent, not mosey your way through a song. =) Without having seen this week's show, my top 3 favorites (in no order) are: Allison, Adam (this performance mostly just made me laugh but I do really like him) and Scott (I have a huge respect for him). I also like Alexis, though I don't think she'll get as far as some, and I did really like Jorge but I saw that he didn't make it this week.

7. Apparently I don't actually have 13 exciting/relevant things to report on!

8. The CD player in my car died. =( So it has a nice, shiny, perfect bumper but no CD player. Oh well, I got an FM transmitter this week so at least I can load up my phone (because my iPod sucks, too!!!) and still listen to music.

9. Tomorrow is going to be nuts. Dorothy gets her cast off at 10:30, has acupuncture at 11:30, I have a dentist appointment at 1, she has a speech therapy appointment at 2 and I have a follow-up MVA appointment at 2:45. Yikes! Then my cousin is coming in the evening for a visit (yay!) and Heather is coming for the weekend.

10. Yeah, this is actually a Thursday Ten. I'm off to watch American Idol! =)

(Update: the VCR didn't work right and we are NOT watching American Idol and I am MAD.)

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