Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Landon: A Thursday Thirteen

13 things (I remember) about Landon...
1. Landon excelled in everything he did. He was a champion chess player, a whizz at Go, incredible on the unicycle hockey courts, a great singer and a wonderful friend.

2. His mop of black hair.

3. His one-of-a-kind smile.

4. His sarcasm and wit.

5. His humbleness.

6. Landon's fellow chess players affectionately referred to him as "suitkid" because he always wore a suit when he played, just to look sharp.

7. Unlike most "boys," Landon enjoyed dressing up.

8. He is a worshipper.

9. The surprise I had when I found out Landon planned to be a lawyer and how I remember thinking, "He will be really good at that."

10. The way people said, "Who IS that kid?" when they saw him play unicycle hockey. He was like a bullet out there.

11. I wasn't there but apparently he gave one heck of a speech at his brother's wedding last weekend.

12. Landon could always be found surrounded by friends, talking and laughing.

13. And, above everything else, the passion Landon had to serve his Savior.

As I wrote on his Facebook wall this morning:

Landon, all the tears I've cried this week can't compare to the joy I feel when I think about you being in your eternal home with your Heavenly Father and your mom. We miss you so much. You were so admired, so respected and so loved. I am proud of you for what you accomplished in the life that God gave you. You truly lived for Him, Landon. Thank you for your friendship... We love you.

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Carrie said...

Thank you, Mikaila.

I haven't been able to think or post a thing.