Friday, May 15, 2009

Das Not Funny! Friday

I know you've been waiting for it! Head over here to read the official "rules" of this blog meme!

Here are the funny things I witnessed this week:


Steve, Jordan and I were at Dairy Queen. Steve was finishing placing our order while Jordan and I went to the soda machine to get cups of water. I had Jordan on one hip (don't ask me why) and was filling a cup with my other hand. Steve walked over and asked if I needed some assistance. Being the multi-tasker that I am, I said, "Nope, we've got it covered, don't we Jordan?" just as water sloshed over my hand. Jordan gave me a very skeptical look and said, "Um... no, not really."


Dorothy had some friends visiting this week and they were discussing the limited eating habits of one of them. He doesn't like this, he doesn't like that... Finally he piped up and said, "I just like ghetto food!"


Dorothy's other friend was telling a story about potty training her grandson. They took a trip to the park and he wore his big boy pants. On the walk home he said he had to go but at that point it was kind of tough luck.

A gentleman walking down the street asked the little boy, "How are you today?" and the boy replied, "I have poop in my pants."

The gentleman's response: "What a wonderfully straightforward answer!"


Jordan was talking about when he is 100 and how he is going to take his grandson to Dairy Queen and to get toys. He was talking about his grandson this, his grandson that. And then he says, "But I'm not sure if it will be a boy or a girl."


Doing homework with Jordan this week I was having a conversation with Steve on the side. While my attention was diverted Jordan moved on to his next math problem, using the pennies and dimes, and solved it. And then another. Proud of him, I said, "You don't need me!" and he looked up at me with a grin and said, "Nope!"


A few days ago Jordan wanted to make his own stamp for letterboxing. He chose the image of a skeleton (SO Jordan). I went online and found "how to draw a skeleton" and then freehanded it. I made a mark I didn't like and erased it to re-draw it. Jordan, being the dramatic child that he is, exclaimed, "He was too young to be erased!"

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The Beaver Bunch said...

Hahaha. "I have poop in my pants."