Friday, May 15, 2009

Newsy News McNewserton

This weather has me so darn happy!

We are in the process of looking for another caregiver. Not a different caregiver, just an additional one (or two). When I first started in this job we had an agreement that I would get Tuesday evenings off and Saturdays off. This worked fine for awhile because Heather was constantly down but she is getting very burnt out on spending her weekends in Corvallis (and therefore not really GETTING a weekend because she works her butt off while she's down) so we need to find another person. I just set up an interview for Sunday that I'm hopeful about. There is also a girl (my age) who used to come in the mornings to get Dorothy up and showered and she just told me she may be looking for work as early as next week. She would be so perfect because she knows Dorothy, everyone likes everyone and she is a CNA so has some training and tips that Natalie and I don't. :)

This weekend is supposed to be HOT and I'm stoked! I plan to spend a portion of it IN THE SUN! Maybe Dorothy and I will venture down to the Farmer's Market in the morning. In the afternoon I'm playing cards with Steve and a couple of his friends and then I might propose a picnic. :) Mmm.... Summer is on its way!

I really have nothing else to say, I'm just in a perky mood. :)

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