Friday, May 22, 2009

Das Not Funny! Friday

I failed to write down as many "funnies" this week but I do have a couple for you!

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Yesterday Steve and Jordan came over and had ice cream cones in their hands. Charlie was SO excited to see them (as he always is) and was pestering Jordan while he ate his ice cream. Jordan was sitting at the dining room table and Charlie's head is the exact height of the table (handy for maximum pestering). Jordan kept telling Charlie to leave him alone, he wasn't sharing.

All of a sudden I hear, "Hey! Don't give me those sad puppy eyes!"


Jordan was invited to a sleepover tonight. Several kids in his class were invited but it's a family we do not know and the sleepover is in a different town. Jordan REALLY wants to go but he's like I was when I was little - the IDEA of a sleepover is awesome but when it comes time for bed there are tears and phone calls for parents to come pick up a homesick kid. That coupled with us not knowing the family made us decide that he would not be sleeping over tonight.

Steve got a phone call from Jordan's school about an hour ago but he is driving the bus and can't answer. He asked me if I could please call them back and check up on everything.

I called and the secretary answered and said, "Oh yes. Well, Jordan says he's going home with a friend today but we didn't find a note or anything in his backpack..."

The little weasel. :) If Daddy and Kaila won't let him go then maybe he'll just tell the SCHOOL and they'll send him home with them!

I told Steve, Hmm... maybe you need to drive him out there to at least play for a couple of hours. Otherwise the cries of, "You never let me do anything!" and "You ruined my life!" might start a little early. ;)

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