Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got fruit?

I had an interesting little "episode" happen to me today. It's amusing now but at the time it really pissed me off.

I texted GOOGL to get the phone number for a local produce stand so that I could call and see what time they closed tonight. Texting GOOGL is a great, fast way to get information. Simply type in the name of the business and the city and state and Google will text you back with the address and phone number. This worked great for Steve and I when we were in Salem and really wanted Applebee's but didn't know where the nearest one was. A quick text from my phone and voila! 3 choices! (Standard text messaging rates apply.)


I texted the name for this fruit stand and my city and state. Seconds later I got a message back with the address (correct) and a phone number. I thought it was a little strange that the area code was 503 when my local area code is 541 but I figured maybe it was a cell phone since this is a seasonal fruit stand. Who knows.

I called the number and heard "Please enjoy the music while your party is reached" and some rock song on the other end of the phone and then "Hello?"

I was expecting to hear the name of the fruit stand when the person answered but instead they sounded like they were cutting out.

Me: "Hello?"

Her: "Yeah, HELLO."

Me: "Um... Is this the fruit stand?"

Her: "NO, this is not the FRUIT STAND, you're calling my CELL PHONE and using my minutes!"

Me: *click*

Had she not been so rude to me I may have apologized. Had I been feeling REALLY nice I might have explained that I got her number from Google (I actually haven't decided if that would be nice or really mean). I just found it irritating (and now hilarious) that this woman FLIPPED OUT over me using less than 30 seconds of her talk time.

Maybe I'll tell the folks at the fruit stand that story when I stop by tomorrow. :)

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