Friday, July 10, 2009

Das Not Funny! Friday

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Unfortunately, I haven’t spent NEAR enough time with Jordan lately so I miss out on a lot of the funny things he says!

Instead, I kept track of the hilarious things that were said at a recent Game Night at my parents’ place. We were playing Take Off.

Take Off has a very long “board” (basically a huge laminated sheet) with a topical world map on it. It starts in Honolulu at one end and ends in Honolulu at the other end. Across the board are continents with tiny dots all over them. These dots are cities. Connecting the dots are many, many lines, in all 6 colors of the rainbow. Some cities have lots of colors leading out and some cities only have one or two. There is a set of dice to roll which tells you which colored lines you may travel each turn. Each player has planes (in our case, two each) that they “fly” across the board. The game has a few other rules but they really aren’t relative at the moment. =)


My family has this weird thing where you say, “Nose goes!” and place your finger on your nose. This means that you are exempt from whatever task is being decided on, just like saying "Not it!" would. In this case it was who would scoop ice cream.

Colby: Nose goes!
Alaina: I go!


My dad was distributing drinks. He asked James (who is black) if he would like a beer. James said, with a totally straight face, that he does not like dark things. You know, like chocolate…

He asked if my dad had any light beer so my dad brought him an ale. Dad then asked Caryn what she would like to drink and she said 7Up.

My dad brought her a glass of 7Up and Caryn took one look at it, looked at my dad and said, “This is too dark!”


Colby: There should be plane upgrades so you can add missiles and things!


During the game the dog was being an ongoing nuisance. She has LOTS of nicknames so I told her, “Go on, you dumbhead” and pointed to the living room.

Dani stopped in the middle of her turn, looked at me and said, “Did you just call your brother a dumbhead?!”


Jon’s plane got bumped and he wasn’t sure which dot he had been on. His wife had been keeping track of his turns and knew where the plane belonged.

Jon: How do you know that’s where I was??

Courtney: Next time I’ll just set ya on a dot! I’ll TOW your plane to shore!


Caryn rolled the same thing on her dice two turns in a row and asked, “If I roll that three times do I go to jail?”


Upon one of the players getting bumped back to the Start:

Jon: *salutes* “Please fly with us again!”


During the game some water got spilled on the board.

Somebody said: “Uh oh! That means there’s a Tsunami warning!”


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