Monday, July 20, 2009


Dear Jordan,

Today you turned 8 and I just can't believe you're that old. When I met you you were just a little squirt, only 4. I can hardly believe you're the same kid. I remember just a couple of weeks after I met you, you and Daddy dropped me off and as I walked away he called me back to the car and there you were in the back seat, crying your eyes out because you didn't want me to go.

You are full of SO much imagination. And even with all your imagination, you are not one to get into too much mischief. We can leave you unattended in the house and not worry if it gets too quiet. Chances are you're building something, drawing something or conducting an experiment from your approved array of "potion ingredients" (spices and water).

You have so many friends. It seems like kids swarm to you and you are one of the most popular kids in school. You play that up but you are also a very compassionate friend. Kids will come up to us in the grocery store and say, "Hey, Jordan!" and you have conversations with them and when they walk away we ask who that was. You almost always answer, "Oh, I dunno their name." But they all know yours!

You are very adventurous. You are not the kind of kid who likes to sit around the house (unless we are cooking or baking something). You would rather be outside any day, playing frisbee or baseball or going swimming. (Speaking of swimming, you are a total fish!)
You really love family time, going to new parks, Doritos, playing with the big kids, saving your money, Happy Meals and the color red.
You really don't like brushing your teeth, being tricked, having to wait to get a brother or a sister, trying new foods, big dogs and being at home without Daddy.

You have a hilarious sense of humor. We are constantly laughing at the things you say and it seems as though it's equally split between you saying things and having no idea they're funny and you TRYING to make us laugh. =) You are very good at both.

Like I tell you all the time, you are my favorite boy. Daddy and I are SO proud of you and everything you are learning and doing. We can't wait to see how you will grow up (even though some days we wish you would just stay small) and how you will change.

We love you VERY, very much.

Mommy and Daddy

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Carrie said...

AWESOME job on the cake! (Assuming you made it!) I bet he loved it!

Happy birthday, kid!