Sunday, July 26, 2009


I follow MckMama's blog. Her 8-month-old son, Stellan (the youngest of 4 children under the age of 4), has a heart condition that he was diagnosed with in the womb. He was born healthy and they thought that was that. At 4 months old he began having heart trouble again. He suffers from a condition called SVT.

A few months ago (in April, I think) Stellan had an ablation done in Boston. This did not work as well as they hoped it would be he's not really "eligible" for another ablation until he reaches 40 pounds. Obviously that is not soon.

Early in July, Stellan had a very long stretch of SVT-free days. Then things started to go downhill. He is now in the hospital (I believe in the PICU). His doctors (one in his own town and the one who performed the ablation in Boston) have been trying new drug regimens and NOTHING is working. They have always said that Stellan does not follow "normal" SVT patterns. This makes it very hard to treat his symptoms. He has basically become immune to all the drugs they've tried.

I have been following MckMama on Twitter tonight and things are NOT going well. The new drug doses have been discontinued and Stellan's blood pressure is LOW. His vitals are not good, he is listless and gray, clammy and sedated. A few minutes ago they were going to give him a blood transfusion and if anything else goes down hill tonight, they are placing him on a ventilator.

This is all SO scary for Stellan's parents, Jennifer and Israel. No parent should have to watch their child go through a medical crisis - especially something as terrifying and serious as this.

MckMama wrote this post a couple of hours ago. If you scroll down her left sidebar there is a black and white picture of Stellan that says "Click here to read Stellan's story." She (obviously) explains it better than I.

Please pray for this family tonight... This precious boy is in trouble.

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