Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice cream, heat and compromising

This week has been absolutely nuts.

Mostly because it has been so unbelievably HOT! Yesterday topped out at 108 degrees. That is just insane, I tell you. INSANE.

We went swimming just to survive the day. After swimming we decided to hit the Dairy Queen drive thru for an ice cream cone. When we pulled up they told us, "I'm very sorry, our cash registers are down and we're not able to serve."

Really, Dairy Queen? On the hottest day in history?

No worries, McDonald's was just a couple of blocks away so we headed there and got in the drive thru line. It was taking FOREVER and we wondered what the holdup was. When we finally got to the front of the line the guy told us, "I'm sorry, we are currently only taking cash because our registers are down and our ice cream machine is broken. If that's ok I can take your order whenever you're ready."

Holy cow, what do you have to do to get an ice cream cone in this town?!

I could not BELIEVE the temperature in the house when I got home. I think if it was 105 outside it was about 100 inside. We've been following the "open up at night, close up during the day" routine but it's really hard to cool the house down when it doesn't drop below 70 degrees at night. We've both been sleeping with fans aimed on us. And the poor dog... I don't even want to talk about him, he's so miserable.

Today was about 3 degrees cooler and I've been home since 4 so I've been able to be more diligent about airing the house out. It's helping!

We ran into a caregiving situation today... Natalie (Dorothy's daytime caregiver) is going through some crisis in her life/family right now and is unexpectedly not able to work tomorrow or Friday. We scrambled a little bit and the final result is that I'm staying home tomorrow (my coworkers are going to KILL me because we're already scrambling at work this week) and Heather (who was planning to come down Friday evening) may be coming down tomorrow evening instead.

Life's an adventure!

This weekend is the county fair and also my church's annual campout weekend so I'll be very busy! I'm praying for more like 90 degree weather. Even that feels cool to me.

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