Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (with words)

Catching up on some things... Life never slows down! (How many times have I said THAT before??)

In the past few weeks Steve and I have had growing concerns about Jordan's hearing. At first I just thought he was very focused on whatever he was doing and that it was difficult to pull him out of that focus (and he is a very focused kid). But then it got to the point where we would be in the car and I would say something to him and then have to turn around and make eye contact before he would know I was talking to him. Or we would be at the pool or playground and I would shout to him from a not-so-far distance, fully expecting him to hear me, and he wouldn't.

It got so bad that we were raising our voices to get Jordan to hear us and then he finally would and would ask us why we were yelling at him. At that point we realized it wasn't a focus issue, it was an actual hearing issue.

Yesterday Steve took Jordan in to the doctor and they diagnosed him with a RAGING ear infection on one side. I know, I know, you're thinking, "That was the FIRST thing I thought of! How do you now know when your kid has an ear infection?!"

We had no idea.

Jordan has an unusually high pain tolerance. He never once said that his ear hurt or pulled on it or gave any indication that something was out of the ordinary.

Thankfully, an ear infection is a fairly easy fix and this time around he is taking his antibiotics MUCH easier (that has always been a challenge for him).


I'm pretty stoked right now because I am thisclose to paying off my car. That's a pretty cool feeling.

Of course, once I get it paid off I need to take it in and get several hundred dollars worth of work/tuneups done to it, but at least I won't owe on it!

Paying off my car is the last step to being completely out of debt and that is, like, the COOLEST feeling. =)


I was going to give a caregiving update but everything is very up in the air right now. Dorothy's main daytime caregiver had a family crisis and had to take some time off quite suddenly. Right before this happened she had expressed interest in cutting back her hours (to a fairly odd assortment of hours, actually). Those two things coupled together left us feeling like we needed to start interviewing for another full time position. Thankfully, Heather has done most of the work for that. I had just gotten done hiring Pat and Jenna (or so it felt) and I wasn't up for going through it all again so soon!

Needless to say (although we haven't FIRED said caregiver), we are now tiptoeing around hurt feelings and figuring out wonky hours.

I'm excited because this weekend Heather will be down and I get to go on a date, just Steve and I. =) We haven't had one of those for quite awhile and I'm really looking forward to dinner and a movie together.


The other thing I've been thinking a lot about this week is going back to school. Not anytime soon, mind you. But eventually. I'm thinking that a realistic time frame for me would probably be next fall. I will have "completed" my caregiving job (there just isn't a tactful way to say that) and have had some time to regain my freedom and settle back into an apartment and a lifestyle.

I had always thought that I would stay in a job relatively similar to what I'm doing now (Health Information Management) but now I'm considering other paths, although still within health care. I do love what I do and it's a job that there will always be a need for. I'm just entertaining other ideas as well.


And now, it is time for bed. (Hoping I can sleep tonight after the GLORIOUS two hour nap I took this afternoon - hooray for not having any company for basically the first time in 4 weeks!)

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