Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 photos of what I've been up to

Painting pottery after church on Sunday

Baptisms at Bell Ranch (Megan, Elizabeth and Lindsay were all baptized in the river).

Date night!

Four of my favorite women in the whole world

Mommy and Jordan cooking

My cousin's new baby, Jackson

Joseph and Jordan

Sissy, Joseph and Jordan

Free worship

The owls in my backyard! The one in the front is Harriet. The one in the back is Ozzy. Of course I have no idea which is male/female or if they're the same sex. These guys are seriously cool. They hang out on their branches during the day and at dusk they fly away. In the morning, they're back. I don't know how long they've been calling this tree home but I'm guessing quite awhile and we just didn't know they were there. They do not seem bothered in the least by humans or dogs and their perch is only about 10-15 feet from where we sit on the deck.

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Diaria said...

Man, Jordan is growing up!!!! He's not allowed to do that!!!! I love his hair though :-)