Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A farewell

This is my friend Kyle.

Kyle left the country one week ago today. He moved to the Czech Republic for bigger and better things. He is going to teach English and will eventually become a translator.

Kyle was my neighbor in the first "real" place I lived outside of my parents house (not counting the 2 months I spent in a quad - that was ridiculous). Not only was he my neighbor, he was also my confidant, my comedy (dude's hilarious), my private concerts (guitar playing in the backyard or sometimes through the living room wall), our babysitter and my good friend. He loaned me his car on many nights when I was having a hard time with life and just needed a hug from my boyfriend, who lives 25 minutes away. He would invite me over when he and his roommates had more than enough food to go around. He was a good sport when MY roommate decided to start a prank war and snuck over to his place to fill his bedroom with blown up balloons (oh, he just pranked her back). He was Mr. Fix-It and could solve all of my electronics problems. He was also the genius who took my front door off it's hinges when the blasted couch wouldn't fit through. (And then helped MOVE said couch which had to have wait about a billion pounds.) He came and rescued Steve and Jordan and I when we were in a bad car accident. He always called me Gomer and for some reason I became very fond of that nickname.

But the thing I remember the most about Kyle is that he was THERE for me. He was one of the people who really helped me find my feet when I was learning to stand on my own in the real world. He was a very good listener, a practical advice giver and a darn good hugger.

I'm really gonna miss this guy. Good luck Kyle!

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