Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ryan and Meagan, 9/12/09

You know, I wish I was one of those funny bloggers that just make you laugh every time you visit their blog. You know, the witty type, like Dooce. But (sigh), I am not. Ah, well.

Steve's best friend got married last weekend and he was a groomsman in the wedding. Here are a few pictures from Ryan and Meagan's beautiful day.

L-R: Michelle, Nola, Olise, Meagan, Ryan, Shane, Tuan, Steve

Just after their first dance started, HUGE thunderstorm raindrops started falling. They finished their dance but the sound system had to be taken down because of the rain so there was no dancing to follow (which was actually ok because the dance floor got dangerously slippery which the kids all thought was a blast). But I was a little bummed because Steve had promised to dance with me for the first time. (Can you believe that we're celebrating 4 years in just a couple of weeks and we have never dance together? It's disgraceful, really.)

And one of my all-time favorite photos of Steve and I. :)

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