Friday, September 25, 2009

You, the readers

It's time to de-lurk! Since June 1st this blog has gotten over 1,000 hits (according to the counter I have, which may or may not be totally accruate) and I want to know where they're coming from! Who are you people who so silently read my blog? =)

And while you're leaving a comment to tell me who you are, tell me why you're here! What is it that you enjoy reading/seeing on this blog? Do you come for the pictures? The recipes? The day-to-day "stuff" that seems never-ending?

Introduce yourself! And if you have a blog, I promise I will stop by yours in return to learn what you're all about. =)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Diaria said...

I'm your secret stalker. I watch your every move and follow you wherever you go. I sit in the bushes with my binoculars outside your bedroom window.

Diaria said...

Am I the only one here?

ECHO!!! (echo echo echo)

I guess so...