Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming right up... Ribbit

I have to be totally honest here. I have some great posts up my sleeve. BUT. There's this thing called NaBloPoMo. You don't even have to click on that link - I'll tell you what it is. National Blog Posting Month. You post every day for one month. That's it!

I know, pretty simple, huh? A couple of my friends participated last year and I thought, "You know, I don't want to have to try really hard to come up with 30 days worth of posts and therefore risk losing the fun of blogging." But this year I'm starting to network a little more in the blogging community and the traffic on my blog has increased quite a bit. I think I'll give it a shot!

So folks, while I try to give you SOMETHING to read for the rest of this month (you know, so you're not TOTALLY bored while waiting for November to roll around), you can anticipate these post topics, COMING SOON:

*My hopes and dreams for mommyhood, both with Jordan and future children.
*A Day In The Life (learn what it's REALLY like to be a caregiver)
*New recipes
*At least one video post
*Ask Mikaila Anything (start thinking up your questions now!)
*And if you're lucky, maybe even a giveaway! It would be my first!

Of course, I will still participate in some of the memes I have done in the past. You can see what those are over on my right sidebar.

And now, I'd like you to meet some new friends of mine, Darryl and Darryl.

Steve and I have always had a "thing" with frogs. I think this started because way back when, Steve didn't call me a dork or a turkey, he would call me a toad. Ever since then, they have been the "object" in our relationship. (Even though that's totally hard to explain, I think you probably know what I mean. Some people do roses, others do stars, we do frogs.)

For our anniversary Steve told me that he was bringing my present over and that I needed to put the dog away. I thought, "It's either food or something alive and he would never get me something alive because Dorothy would freak."

It was something alive.

I couldn't believe it when I unwrapped these guys! They're so cute and fun to watch! They're really quite active (at least, at the moment they are swimming ALL over the place - maybe I gave them seizures from the camera flash) and kind of relaxing to observe.

Of course, they needed names. My dad is actually the one who suggested Darryl and Darryl and I thought it was hilarious. Especially because they're pretty darn hard to tell apart. I gave them middle names as well because I also liked Steve's suggestions. So they are Darryl Herman and Darryl Louie.

Apparently these guys will live 2-4 years and I love that they are almost no maintenance at all. I feed them twice a week (stuff similar to fish food) and as long as their buddy Gary (a snail) stays alive, I only have to change their water every 5 months. My kind of pets!

(Don't get me wrong, I would love a cat but then Dorothy really WOULD freak!)

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