Friday, October 16, 2009

Star Wars in concert

On Wednesday evening we took a trip to Portland to see Star Wars In Concert at the Rose Quarters. Jordan saw an advertisement for this event months ago on TV. He came over and told me how cool it looked and how he REALLY wanted to go. We looked it up online and I told him sorry bud, it's really expensive and we can't afford three tickets. Jordan is a kid who saves and saves and saves his money and never spends it. He told me that he wanted to use his own money to buy a ticket to this concert. My 8-year-old shelled out seventy of his own dollars to buy his concert ticket and months later I still think that is SO COOL. This was obviously a memory he will carry for a LONG TIME.

When we first got inside the Rose Quarters we were headed for the bathrooms. Along the way there were people dressed up as characters from the movie. Very elaborately dressed, I might add! I snapped Jordan's picture with a few of them. Judging by the look on his face, he was slightly unsure about a couple of them. =)

We couldn't NOT get a picture with Darth Vader, even though we had to wait in line (which was actually just a mob of people, not a line at all) for quite awhile.

Then we found our seats. Behind that screen is a full orchestra and full choir. They were PHENOMENAL. At the beginning of the show, someone came and pulled on these sheets so they came cascading down, revealing the orchestra. (I wish I'd gotten a picture of them.)

There was also a huge screen (this next photo was actually taken by a friend of Steve's who, ironically, was sitting across the coliseum from us) where they played clips from the movies while the orchestra played the scores.

One of the parts that I thought was the absolute coolest was that Anthony Daniels was the narrator of the evening. For those of you who don't know, Anthony Daniels is the actor who played C-3PO! He was there live! I still can't get over how neat that is. He was an AWESOME narrator and at one point even did a little impression of C-3PO, wiggling his arms around and talking in his voice. =)

The other part I considered to be the best was just watching Jordan and the sheer joy and excitement on his face. He was SO glad he spent his money on a ticket and Steve and I were SO glad that we each shelled out seventy bucks as well. Watching Jordan as he sat enthralled by the laser show, the live music, the thrill of seeing Anthony Daniels down on the stage... It was totally priceless.

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Diaria said...

That is so awesome!!!! I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Jordan is so cute!!!!