Friday, November 13, 2009

Das Not Funny! Friday

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This week Steve was talking to Jordan about eating lunch at school. Namely, how Jordan needs to EAT lunch at school. Their conversation went something like this:

Steve: "Bub, you gotta eat some of the lunch I pack for you."

Jordan: "But, I don't LIKE peanut butter sandwiches!"

Steve: "You used to like them, what happened?"

Jordan: "It's JUST peanut butter, no jelly!"

Steve: "I put jelly on your sandwiches..."

Jordan: "Yeah! And somebody TAKES IT OUT!!!"


A coworker and I were talking about our office chairs and how she is supposed to be getting a new one but it takes FOREVER. I agreed that it was very frustrating. She spouted off, "It would be faster to just get gastric bypass surgery!"


This morning I was at the dentist getting a crown put on my tooth. We had a brief conversation about how getting a temporary crown over Thanksgiving is kind of the pits. The dentist told me that the cement he was using for the crown has a bit of a clove taste to it. The hygienist replied, "So it will go really well with your pumpkin pie!"


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