Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Tape

First of all, I am QUITE pleased to report that WE SLEPT UNTIL 5AM TODAY!!!

That's like 7 hours of sleep!


We had made another medication adjustment last night and are hoping that along with the oxygen Dorothy is now on, it will make a big difference. We'll try it again tonight and hopefully we'll see more improvement as we go. (Plus tonight is the weekend so we get more sleep anyway.)

I am currently going through some crap at work... An e-mail went out yesterday that every employee in our department is now required to work 8 hours of MANDATORY overtime each week for three weeks (starting Nov. 30th).

Simply put, I cannot do this.

However, this order is coming from our vice president so my supervisor and manager are not at liberty to exempt me from this new policy.

I will be going over to HR today to talk with the woman who knows all about Federal Leave Acts and all that stuff and will likely be taking paperwork to my doctor to fill out so that I can be exempt from the overtime.

I wish I COULD work the OT. I would love the money. I really DO want to be a part of the solution to the problem that's created this mandatory OT in the first place. I just simply can't. I have to get home to Dorothy. And even if we could find a caregiver to work another 8 hours a week (which is all but impossible), I can't ask Dorothy to shell out hundreds of more dollars just because MY job is making me work more.

As you can see, it's quite the situation. Hopefully my talk with HR will go well!

TGIF for sure.

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